How To Pick The Best Colorbond Roof For Your House

Regardless if you are creating a new house or replacing the rooftop in your current home, there are lots of factors to bear in mind to be able to choose the best roof for your house.


You might want to consider first what your financial allowance is perfect for the brand new roofing. Replacing a roof covering is among the costliest upgrades you’ll endure like a homeowner. Fortunately when you’re first creating a home, you may choose the best roof from the beginning which will stay durable for years to come, however if you simply possess a home where the roof is prepared for substitute, you’re most likely conscious of the result this can dress in your bank account.

There are many variables which go directly into figuring out new roofing cost. The standards which will modify the cost include:

• Size the rooftop

• The pitch, or size slope

• The price of new roofing materials

• Ease of access towards the roof by truck

The cheapest number you might even see inside a new roof cost could be around $5,000 if using the most typical material, the asphalt shingle roof. For greater-finish roof types, you can face a cost tag up to $25,000. The typical cost will probably be $12,000. Typically roofs are billed per roofing square, typically a ten by 10-feet area.

The pitch may be the roof’s slope along with a roofer will consider the height to length ratio. Once the ratio is more than a 7:12 steep roof, meaning 7 inches vertically for each one foot it runs horizontally, the charge increases because of the extra safety harnesses needed. When the roof is not readily available by truck and materials should be transported towards the truck that’ll be yet another cost for you too.


Selecting a roofing material will probably be an enormous decision for you personally too. Not every roofing materials may be used on every roof. Slate and tile will be very heavy meaning not every homes supports the load. A set roof or low slope may need a particular kind of surface that might be different for any steeper pitch roof. The most typical roof materials are asphalt shingle since it is minimal costly, requires minimal skill to set up and may be great looking if you select a laminated shingle using the appealing textured appearance.

Wood was popular previously but it is not controlled by fire codes in a few areas. Whenever you do find wooden roofs, they’re typically made from redwood, cedar plank or southern pine lasting about twenty five years bust costing double the amount cost of asphalt shingles. Greater-finish roofs could be metallic, tile and cement, or slate. Metal roofs contain aluminum, lead, copper, steel or copper-and-asphalt which start at $250 per square, often even double and triple that quantity. Slate is most likely probably the most durable material but varies in various locations. While it is the most costly, it’s frequently reused on houses even if it’s aged a century. Tile and cement are costly and high but highly durable and generally on Spanish Colonial and Mission style home.

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