What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

Most of us have heard of a tree surgeon, but when asked about what they do, we struggle to give an answer. We know they deal with trees, which is obvious from the name, but what other skills do they bring to the table? Many of us don’t realise that tree surgeons specialise in a wide variety of tasks, some of which include, tree felling, stump removal and pruning. Tree surgeons who specialise in tree removal in New Forest, can also help you with other areas of arboristry. Here are some ways to find reputable tree surgeons in your community.

  • Look for referrals
  • Use key phrases when searching online
  • Use a tree surgery directory for the UK
  • Speak to other contractors in the industry
  • Read online forums

What Do They Do?

In general, a tree surgeon is responsible for planting, felling, pruning and other garden maintenance tasks. They don’t just deal with trees and other foliage; they can specialise in site clearance and disease.

Is It Dangerous Work?

Tree surgery is a dangerous trade, it involves working at heights and should only ever be attempted by trained professionals. Working at height does make it dangerous, but there are other elements that contribute to the danger. The type of equipment a tree surgeon uses makes working in this profession risky.


A good tree surgeon should be proficient in a range of different machinery, such as chainsaws. They should be good climbers and physically fit, as it is demanding work.

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