Customizable Terrarium Workshops at Your Home!

The vertically integrated Terrarium Workshop Singapore with planned strategies and network include – ideation, game development, testing, procurement, and maintenance processes which are all done in-house. This enables delivering high-quality experiences at affordable prices straight to the users. The activities and programs are handcrafted with passion by our team of in-house experts who have over 10 years of experience creating unique concepts.

Take this as an opportunity to bond with your colleagues in a fun and relaxed environment as you contribute ideas and share inspiration on building your very own mini garden! People can efficiently relieve stress, relax their minds and focus on their own experience from the comfort of their own home.

Affordable Packages Booking

The Fun Empire is proud to be the FIRST and ONLY events company to offer a variety of Virtual Team Building activities for remote teams. Unleash your creativity and design your very own mini glass garden. Bond with your family, friends, and colleagues through our fascinating, award-winning Terrarium Workshop. The air-conditioned venues are conveniently located near MRTs stations or we can hold the sessions at your preferred venue too!

  1. Virtual Terrarium Workshop – Starting at $35, it has to offer,
  • Min 5 Pax To Unlimited Number of Pax
  • Includes Terrarium Home Kits Delivery to All Participants Before Event
  • All Materials Provided & 1 Figurine Included
  • 100% Online Experience! In Your Own Home, At Your Convenience
  • Private Session at Your Preferred Date and Time
  • Professional Live Facilitation
  1. Physical Terrarium Workshop- Starting at $28
  • Min 5 Pax To Unlimited Number of Pax
  • Private, Air-conditioned Venue
  • Professional Instructors
  • Individual / Group Jar
  • All Materials Provided
  • Photography
  • Up to 50% Off Figurines
  1. Public Terrarium Workshop starting at $35 and has to offer numerous features like-
  • Min 1 Pax To Unlimited Number of Pax
  • Private, Air-conditioned Venue
  • Self-Guided Session
  • Select from A Wide Range of Dates & Timings
  • Open to All
  • Instant Confirmation
  • Individual Terrarium Jar
  • All Materials Provided + 1 Figurine Included

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