How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture during Monsoon?

The market value of a well-furnished residential property is significantly higher than a house that lacks top-grade wooden furniture. Compared to other seasons, most homeowners experience more difficulties during the monsoon to protect their furniture items made out of high-quality wood. The wet and damp conditions both outdoors and indoors during the rainy season adversely impact wooden furniture.

Due to excessive moisture in the air, aside from furniture, doors and windows made out of wood tend to swell the most during monsoon. Even a moist weather condition facilitates pests like termites and bugs to reproduce faster, and eventually, these pests infest a house severely. To protect your wooden furniture from swelling and termite damage in the rainy season, get in touch with a company that offers pest control Shrewsbury services.

Inspect your wooden furniture routinely throughout the year, and it is a must during wet months. If you don’t act timely, you will notice the typical signs of a termite infestation – small piles of powdered wood around furniture and tubes of mud on walls of different rooms. Also, if you get a hollow sound on tapping your wooden furniture, know that termites have already started feeding on them.

Here’s what you need to do to get rid of pests and take proper care of wooden furniture during the monsoon.

Avail Professional Pest Control Services

Reliable pest management services can help you eradicate the entire termite population from your home effectively and safeguard your wooden furniture. Besides termites, other household disease-transmitting pests put the health of kids and the elderly at risk. Hence, invest in pest control services at least twice a year to keep termite and other pest problems in your house at bay.

Try to Keep Your Rooms Dry 

Use a humidifier to eliminate excess moisture from rooms when it’s pouring rain outside day in and out. Instead of opting for water to clean your high-priced wooden furniture, choose a dry piece of cloth made of microfiber. Apart from all of these, ensure there’s good ventilation in every room, and you should fix plumbing issues and damp walls.

Use Anti-Termite Wood Polish

Purchase a premium-quality wood polish that has termite-resistant or anti-termite properties. Such a wood polish protects wooden doors, windows and furniture from termite damage and bulging in the rainy season. These wood polishes create a shiny and solid layer, which saves wood.

Rub Aloe Vera Gel

Destructive pests like termites can’t cross the barrier easily that Aloe Vera gel creates when one applies it on items made out of wood. Crush Aloe Vera, collect the gel and apply it all over your wooden furniture to prevent termites from feeding on them.

Use Borax Powder

Make a solution using borax powder and water. Spray the mix on every material made out of wood you have at your house. Do this more during monsoon to protect valuable wooden furniture from termite infestation.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can also resort to injecting a solution consisting of salt and warm water into termite-infested furniture. Inspect your wooden items and do what’s instructed routinely to maintain your wooden furniture during the rainy season.

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